Here’s what it’s really like to try the real estate trend that’s transforming Dallas-Fort Worth

Here’s what it’s really like to try the real estate trend that’s transforming Dallas-Fort Worth

Here’s what it’s really like to try the real estate trend that’s transforming Dallas-Fort Worth

It’s tough to remain "showing ready" with a family. Photo by Jessie Casson/Getty Images
Imagine selling your home without the stress. Photo courtesy of Opendoor
Opendoor has streamlined both buying and selling. Photo courtesy of Opendoor

Since it launched in 2014, Opendoor has been helping North Texans — and tens of thousands of other buyers and sellers all across the country — enjoy a headache-free real estate experience.

By streamlining the selling process, removing the uncertainty of how long a home will take to sell, and eliminating the stress, hassle, and cost of pre-listing repairs and needing to be "open-house ready" at all times, Opendoor has been a dream come true for home sellers.

For would-be buyers, it’s as simple as using the app to find and visit for-sale homes on your own schedule, any time between 6 am and 9 pm. The app is your key to enter any of the hundreds of local homes for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth, so you can see multiple homes in a day and essentially "speed date" your way into your next home on your own timeline.

Think it sounds too good to be reality? The Wrights initially did too. Katherine and Robert Wright recently used Opendoor to sell their home in Rowlett, and cannot say enough good things about the experience.

"We didn’t have to do a thing," says Katherine. "Not one single thing. We originally sent in the offer request for fun, just to see what would happen, and when we got the response we were floored that the offer was higher than what we were hoping to get."

The Wrights, like many families, have an extremely busy schedule that makes always keeping a home in perfect showing condition nearly impossible. They regularly foster children and have two Great Danes, so it was an immense relief to not have to vacate their home on a moment’s notice for showings or open houses. For their family, not having the stress and hassle of a traditional sale and having control over the timeline made the guaranteed, fair-market offer on their home that much sweeter.

"Opendoor handled everything seamlessly, from working around our schedule for the initial home visit to even taking care of the caulking around the toilet that needed to be done," says Katherine. "We kept waiting for the ball to drop, to discover there was a secret fee or something, but there wasn’t! It really was as easy as advertised."

Once a homeowner submits an offer request, Opendoor responds with a fair-market offer that reflects the local comps and the home’s current condition. An inspector will verify the condition of the home in-person, and the paperwork is completed online, which many find makes the process even easier — you don’t have to go anywhere just to write your signature. It’s all streamlined and super convenient.

The Wrights say that in the past they had less-than-ideal real estate experiences, where they felt people would talk down to them, or not be clear with what was happening during each stage of the sale, but they were impressed with the level of service they got from Opendoor.

"Every person we spoke to at Opendoor was kind and super easy to work with," says Katherine. "It was a 10 out of 10 experience, and we’ll only use them going forward. Every DFW home seller should start the process by at least requesting an offer from Opendoor."


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